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Spring Fiesta Townhouse

The Spring Fiesta House stands as a shining symbol of the cultural, historical, and architectural history of the city. Located at 826 St. Ann Street in the French Quarter, this house also represents the heritage of the Spring Fiesta Association.

The owners of the house during the 19th century were commission merchants, importers and exporters of the varied products that passed through this magnificent port city. Names such as August Boquie, Jean Baptiste Guiraud and Don Francisco Pio will always be connected with this property.


Records indicate that the house was built prior to 1844 as a one-story Creole Cottage with a rear loggia. It was later remodeled in 1851 when the second story was added. It was during the 1851 renovation that the loggia was enclosed to create the dining room and the home was adorned with its present Greek revival style.

The townhouse boasts of double-parlours, a dining room, a wonderful spiral staircase, library and three bedrooms. Plus, there is a very scenic courtyard with a fountain separating the main house from the rear garçonnière, which serves as the Association's headquarters.

The Association, which had formerly been located at Jackson Square, received this historic property as a gift from the estate of Mrs. Edna Tate Halbedel, a former member who died in 1977.

Through the generosity of Mrs. Halbedel and numerous other Association members, the Spring Fiesta House is furnished with authentic 19th century antiques. Although many of the items are Rococo revival, there are numerous pieces representative of the Empire, French and American styles.

The Spring Fiesta House is available for private and group tours for a nominal fee. The Association also makes the house available for private events and can accommodate up to 100 guests. It is the perfect location for a reception, wedding, or party. The courtyard is especially nice for receptions and offers one of the most scenic views in the French Quarter. Outside caterers are welcomed and assistance with event planning is also available. NOSFA has an in-house florist. Call 504-909-6868, Blake Aucoin, for availability.

For additional information about the Spring Fiesta House, or to arrange for a private tour, please contact our Headquarters at (504) 581-1367.

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