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Court Participation

The New Orleans Spring Fiesta Association offers many exciting opportunities for you, and your family and friends to participate in or enjoy our cultural festivities! Each year, NOSFA's Spring Fiesta Royal Court is Presented in Jackson Square, conducts a grande parade which rolls through through the Vieux Carré, and is presented  at the Cotillion Gala. The Royal Court members are Flag Bearers, Jewel Bearers, Promenade Girls, Gallants, Demoiselles, Maids, and the Royal Guard, Captain,Queen and King.

Please submit the form below with the names of Junior Members, children, grandchildren, or other young relatives of NOSFA members who may like to participate in the 2024 Spring Fiesta Royal Court. You may also refer friends or other interested parties. Court participants and/or their guardians are required to be members in good standing with The New Orleans Spring Fiesta Association. Please contact us at for additional information.

Court Participation:

To be completed only for Junior Members (9th Grade to Age 23):

(continue to next page to submit names of children, grandchildren, or young relatives (below 9th grade, young ladies and gentlemen) who may be considered for participation in the Spring Fiesta Royal Court.

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