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Art Auction


 The New Orleans Spring Fiesta Association (NOFSA) is pleased to announce our newest fundraiser:

Art Auction in Autumn

In keeping with NOFSA's tradition of community outreach to further our mission 

of preserving and sharing the cultural heritage of New Orleans, promoting the preservation of the region's history and historic architecture, and educating regarding the importance of that history, we have expanded our offerings to include an event that continues an exploration of New Orleans' and Louisiana's local and global connectivity. 


Our auction presents a collection of works by celebrated artists, both local and from various points around the world.


Art Auction in Autumn is presented as a silent bidding experience in three parts, hosted by existing occasions on our calendar. This year, the first auction session will be hosted by Les Salons et Chansons, the second by the Halloween Hidden Treasures Home and Courtyard Tour, and the third by our Members Halloween Party.


We invite you to join us for all sessions of Art Auction in Autumn. Ticketed guests to Les Salons et Chansons, the Halloween Hidden Treasures Home and Courtyard Tour, and members attending the Members-only Halloween Party will enjoy auction access.  


Art Auction in Autumn also helps to fulfill NOFSA's expanded purpose to provide a gathering place and foster camaraderie amongst members of our Vieux Carré community and Crescent City region neighbors who share in our vision of cultural preservation.

We look forward to your company and invite you to buy tickets to the Hidden Treasures Halloween Home and Courtyard tour and to become a NOFSA member. We appreciate your purchases and generous contributions as they help support the events we sponsor in furtherance of our mission and purpose.

Bid High and Bid Often! We'll see you at the Townhouse nos amis.

Les Salons

Hidden Treasures
Courtyard Tour

Only Halloween Party





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