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Your generous donation supports NOSFA's mission and makes a differnce for the

Vieux Carré and New Orleans!



Since 1937, The New Orleans Spring Fiesta Association has strived to preserve and share the cultural heritage of the French Quarter and its surrounding neighborhoods of New Orleans by promoting the preservation of the region's history and historic architecture and educating others regarding the importance of that history.

The Spring Fiesta Parade of adorned horse-drawn carriages, when riders give lovely fresh blossoms to parade goers, and the Promenade of the Spring Fiesta Royal Court in Jackson Square have become a beloved, anticipated annual traditions in the Vieux Carré. These grand spectacles, held each year at the end of March or early April, are always free and open to the public.

The New Orleans Spring Fiesta Association hoasts regular educational programs including Les Salons et Chansons, a lecture and concert series dedicated to Louisiana history, and historic home and courtyard tours which celebrate the region's ubique architecture. NOSFA  makes annual contributions to various organizations, courtyards, and gardens to support the preservation and beautification of the French Quarter.

These educational programs, contributions, and marvelous free cultural events are made possible thanks to the public support of NOSFA's annual fundraising events and generous donors like you.

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